Hardware Procurement and Installation

Buying IT equipment can be very expensive when you get it wrong. Operating systems that don’t work on some networks; Anti-virus software that don’t work with email systems, backup systems that actually don’t provide any real protection, the list goes on! We have seen it all before, and we know what works, which saves you time and money.

We have partnerships with several major suppliers including Microsoft, Symantec, HP, and Dell to name a few. This allows us to offer competitive pricing and also allows our experienced Computer Technicians to liaise directly with our suppliers and assist you with installation and configuration of all components.

Acer Education Partner


Our relationship with many schools has meant that we have been able to achieve Education Partner status. This means that we can provide the best possible pricing on hardware – servers, desktops and notebooks – for schools and education related authorities.

Dell Dealer and Partner


What this means for you is that we now have access to competitive pricing on the whole Dell range – you can make your own quote on the Dell website, email it to us and we will match or maybe even beat the price!

The big advantage for you is that we will check the configuration to make sure it is suitable for your application – saving you the headache of trying to sort out problems once the system arrives.

The Dell range includes residential and commercial computers, notebooks, servers and many other products.

We are happy to work with you in selecting the right options for your needs.

We continue our relationship with HP and can provide the higher end equipment from HP for businesses that need HP.

All in all – a wider range for you to choose your equipment with even better pricing than before.

Service Agreement

Ongoing Support of the provided solution ensures your peace of mind.

While our provided systems have an excellent record of reliability, the complex environment in which they operate with connection to different environments and their various services as well as the interaction in some cases with software applications and your data environment, means an annual service agreement represents an investment in your peace of mind.

Managed Solutions has established a service structure to ensure that your system and peripherals operate to their optimum level, efficiently and economically – ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum. We offer a full on-site service agreement to ensure your system and peripherals operate at optimum performance. Service is carried out on-site by fully trained technicians and may include any faulty parts replacement and all labor. Integral to the service agreement is a remote access capability (whenever possible) which means that any system changes you may wish to make are therefore only a phone call away.

If you decide not to enter into a service contract with us, your system will still be covered by our 3 year equipment warranty (dependant upon the warranty selected by you) but you will still be liable for the cost of labour in the unlikely case of any problem. Without a service agreement, Managed Solutions may not be able to respond immediately to your call because our technicians may be already committed to other customer projects. However our customers with service agreements have guaranteed service response times so downtime can be minimized.

Please note that some products will not be sold without an ongoing service agreement.

What you get with your service agreement:

  • Downtime is kept to a minimum
  • On-site support by a fully qualified technician
  • Faulty hardware replacement
  • Guaranteed service response time
  • Your technician is only one phone call away

For more information, please view our Terms and Conditions.


ProSupport Network Management

A lifeline for your network

Computer networks are often complex and sometimes convoluted. Almost always, the data stored on them and the functions they perform are critical to the successful operation of the business.

But many businesses have fallen into the habit of using a model of fixing the computers when they are broken rather than maintaining them at an optimum level for the operation of the business and productivity of the operator.

This model actually penalises the operator and rewards the service provider. There is no real motivation for the “break/fix” repairer to do any more than repair the broken bit – no motivation to ensure that the system is performing at its best and most reliable.

At Managed Solutions, we believe the best for both of us is when we keep your network operating at its best. We prefer to work in an environment where you are happy to see us and your network is working at its peak rather than seeing us as a necessary evil because the computer has broken down again.

Benefits of the ProSupport network management system

  • Proactive rather than reactive – reduce downtime and ensure the most availability possible – less time lost by staff, less inconvenience for clients.
  • Less “emergencies” for things to be repaired or fixed.
  • Maximise the life of the server and workstations by identifying issues promptly.
  • Appropriate updates are installed at the right time making sure that your network is as secure as possible PLUS scheduling of these updates at a convenient time rather than having to apply due to urgent necessity.
  • Being aware of future financial requirements for the network (eg knowing that drive space is running out, a hard drive is failing or the tape drive is starting to fail).
  • Assist in the budgeting process by fixing IT costs.
  • Priority service AND a fixed price for the whole of your IT support – no more unexpected bills to pay.

ProSupport Service Plans

INCLUSIONS icon-watch WATCH icon-remote REMOTE CARE icon-care2 PLUS CARE
monitoring of servers and workstations Yes Yes Yes
reporting of issues and alerts Yes Yes Yes
maintaining asset register of “as installed” Yes Yes Yes
monthly site review and audit of services Yes Yes Yes
responding to alerts and issues hourly rate Yes Yes
providing telephone support hourly rate Yes Yes
add / delete / change user access hourly rate Yes Yes
applying updates hourly rate Yes Yes
restoration of data files from backup hourly rate Yes Yes
reloading software applications (with Disaster Recovery Option) hourly rate hourly rate Yes
identifying warranty issues and reporting to authorised officer hourly rate hourly rate Yes
installation and commisioning of new services and computers hourly rate hourly rate Yes
re-installation of workstations after failure (with DR Option) hourly rate hourly rate Yes
rebuilding server and restore backup after failure hourly rate hourly rate Yes
disaster recovery for selected computers (conditions apply) option option Yes
included hours of telephone support hourly rate UNLIMITED UNLIMITED
included hours of on-site support – business hours* hourly rate hourly rate UNLIMITED
included hours of support – after hours hourly rate Option Option

* Additional travel costs may apply

The service is for the maintenance and support of the current network and does not include the implementation or deployment of new hardware, systems or software, training and skills development or other changes or new initiatives. An initial audit and recommendations for your network are intrinsic to the agreement and equipment may be excluded or responsibility limited if not adopted / implemented. Program acceptance and ongoing eligibility is at the discretion of Managed Solutions.


Business Computer Networks

Analysis, Design, Management & Maintenance

Our team of technical support people have experience in providing a full outsource service for the management of business and school IT and Communication systems. Whether it be 2 or 200 computers, one or many locations, we can design, implement and maintain your network to maximise productivity while helping to manage cost.