Customer Care

As part of our on-going business management, we have reviewed our growth over the last twelve months and identified a concern in how we deal with our customers.

Our processes were set up to ensure that we complete our tasks efficiently and effectively – basically, getting the job done. We have identified that we have not focused as clearly on customer care as we have on getting the job done. To solve this, we have made some changes to the way we handle our work flow to ensure that we are tracking any issues that may arise in our day to day work for our clients.

All calls to the office and any bookings for work are now all tracked by our Customer care team. Amanda Gibson, our Finance and Admin Manager, has taken on the role of Customer Care Manager and she works with Fiona Trye and Matthew Krause to oversee and manage work flows from you our clients to our support teams. The customer care team will monitor the progress and completion of work and ensure that the best possible outcomes result.

The team will focus on the client part of the interaction and will work with our account managers and technical staff to keep you informed of completion, progress or delays.