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For the purposes of charging and as a general assumption, Gigabit/Gigabytes means 1,000,000,000 bits/bytes, Megabit/megabyte means 1,000,000 bits/bytes, kilobit/kilobyte means 1,000 bits/bytes.

1 day signifies 1 working day in the city of Brisbane.

Conditions for Radio Assessments and Analysis
– 2.4 GHz and 5.7 GHz ISM bands

Managed Solutions Pty Ltd will perform some or all of the following as detailed in the description of work to be undertaken:

Line of Sight Analysis:

Visual line of sight is confirmed by technicians and, if required, path calculations completed to determine effects of Fresnel zone interference. Digital images may be included to support the information in the report.

Site Survey and Installation Design Report:

Inspection of all sites of link end points to determine manner of installation and requirements for the physical design, construction and installation of mounting equipment, radios, antenna and associated cabling.

Frequency Scan:

Determination of the frequencies in use at the time of the test at all end point locations is achieved by the use of a similar radio to that proposed for the link. The radio is used to perform a frequency scan and the information recorded for the report. This is a “moment in time” analysis and no guarantee of the permanence of the information is possible. No responsibility is accepted for the completeness of the information as found.

All ISM frequency radio equipment is unregulated in its use and implementation. While a preliminary investigation will identify the use of the radio spectrum at that time and place, it cannot predict the changing use of the spectrum with time. The short nature of the investigation cannot predict the changing nature of the use of the spectrum in the particular area over a 24 hour, 7 day or longer period.

Some uses of the spectrum are of short duration and effect the throughput of radios for that period; other interference may have a more prolonged effect on the usefulness of the equipment.

As a result of the unregulated nature of the spectrum, it is impossible to provide any guarantee to its throughput or even its availability at any particular time. As a result, this type of equipment is not recommended for critical links.

At no time does Managed Solutions Pty Ltd offer any guarantee as to the final installation quality of service, throughput, frequency availability, ping times or freedom from interference for ISM bands. Any reports or quotations detailing this type of work are subject to these conditions. Any variation from these conditions will be clearly stated on the report or quotation.