We are proud of the high level of commitment that the members of our teams demonstrate in their participation in community activities and their support for clubs, societies and organisations that benefit society as a whole.

Through them , we are represented in a wide variety of ways – it could be as a member of the Rural Fire Service, providing technical advice to a domestic violence shelter or hospice, or as a board member of the Koala Foundation – and it is part of the fabric of who we are.

Through this personal connection and commitment, we endeavour to really understand how we can provide advice and support for  organisations focussed on a ‘not for profit’ outcome.

We do not see it as a ‘not for profit sector’ but rather individuals working together to make a difference – and that is why it is very close to our heart. We understand that every dollar you spend on technology is one dollar less that you can spend on your cause.

Over the years we’ve developed very close relationships with many NFP organisations in Australia, and we’ve taken the time to research the discounted or donated licensing that is available to you, and work with our suppliers to provide discounted equipment.

We also take the time to understand the reason why your organisation exists, and come up with innovative ways to use technology to help you with your service delivery.

Whether the people in your organisation are mostly volunteers or if they are part time/casual or fulltime staff, we work with you to maximise their time spent with you by making sure the technology works.

For as long as the business has been in operation, our staff and management have been working closely with community groups, and offering our services and expertise at reduced rates to help keep you doing what you do best… looking after those that need it most.

Maybe we can help? Please give us a call or email today to discuss how you can join our community and leverage us to improve your school!