Just how good are Mikrotiks!

At first, they looked like a bit of a cheap way to play in the networking world but time has enabled the development of this amazing range of cost effective routers to become a basic building block of many business networks.

  • Need to monitor power to a site?
  • Manage OSPF between paths?
  • Redundant service failover?
  • Mobile VPN endpoint?

At MSI, we use Mikrotiks to solve all kinds of network problems and we are guessing that you do too!

We provide a range of services to help with troubleshooting, specific project design, monitoring, and deployment.

Our range of support services and agreements can be tailored to provide as much or as little as you need – just talk to us to find out more.

Our networking team is located in Brisbane and is able to offer remote support to clients anywhere.

We can work as your NOC maintaining firmware and monitoring connectivity, router status, and numerous other parameters. Both our team and our systems are very adaptable!

With a range of loan equipment available, we can help manage the risks around firmware upgrades and feature deployment.